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Thesis Data Analysis Service

Whether it is a qualitative research project or a quantitative one, doing accurate data analysis is of paramount importance for all researchers. It is the foundation on which the entire study rests. However, it is easier said than done. Thesis Data analysis service requires the following points to be kept in mind:

  • Selecting proper data sources
  • Cleaning and managing data
  • Using correct analytical tools
  • Creating appropriate models and tables
  • Cross-checking results for validity
  • Interpreting results correctly so that they match the objectives of the research

An MBA student, who is new to research work, may not sometimes be able to get all these steps right. Even for students who excel at their subjects, analytical statistics may be challenging. Hence, many times, there is a need for professional statisticians to help students complete their MBA projects. Considering this requirement, we have initiated our service toward Statistical help for thesis.

At MBA Thesis, we have PhD statisticians who provide reliable and time-bound assistance to students through the entire statistical analysis procedure. Under this thesis data analysis service, we offer Statistical help for thesis using the following statistical programs:

  • AMOS
  • SPSS
  • SAS
  • E-views
  • NVivo

Both descriptive and inferential statistical analyses are done based on the hypotheses developed. Further, the rationale for the choice of statistical tests, including further queries, is all clarified for research candidates during a period of up to 30 days from the date of order completion.

In case you also require professional statistical help for thesis with the use of any specific software apart from the ones listed above, you may call our team and enquire about the same. The experience and skills of our statisticians make them capable of handling several types of statistical software, as well as conduct varied types of tests like ANOVA, chi square, correlation, regression, T-tests, time series, etc. Our team first holds a discussion with the client and gains a thorough understanding of the project so it may provide suggestions on the use of relevant tests and analytical techniques.

In case you are interested in receiving personalised solutions for your project, you may enquire about our thesis data analysis service and send us your collected data. Then, we can assign the most suitable statistician to get in touch with you to discuss your project.