Why do engineers take up MBA programs?

The trend of engineers taking up management courses is not new; it has been there since years. The way engineers benefit from these courses is interesting. They are able to land jobs with hefty pay and even roles which other graduates take years to attain. Why is there such a craze amongst engineers, who are already trained for a certain domain, to join an MBA program? There are many reasons for it:

  • An MBA teaches the nuances of running a business, and thus makes engineering graduates eligible for a corporate role
  • The knowledge of finance and operations adds value even when the students take up engineering jobs
  • It opens up avenues for project management, finance advisory and other managerial roles
  • Apart from teaching management subjects, an MBA program also teaches soft skills that are essential for any professional nowadays
  • Engineers find it easy to pass the entrance exams and cope up with the course material, which includes substantial mathematical and analytical portions
  • There are some dedicated MBA programs that are only meant for engineers, like construction management, network management, supply chain and operations, etc.

Looking at all the above advantages that accrue to engineers if they complete an MBA, it is not difficult to understand why they do so. In fact, in some MBA colleges, there are separate seats and a quota for engineers. The cut off marks in entrance exams for such candidates is also different from what it is for other students with humanities or commerce background.

Also, creating a thesis can be easier for an engineer, who has already done a research project during graduation. They often pick topics which combine technical knowledge and management acumen. Hence, the research work is interesting as well as complicated. We have worked on several such projects and thesis and are familiar with the nuances. If you are an engineer and looking at a management program, we are there to help you choose one.

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