Why an MBA requires to Complete Thesis

There are several global academic institutions that offer a master’s degree in business administration. While some of these institutions have no requirement of undergoing research work, many need students to perform thorough research and prepare a proper thesis. Students undergoing MBA research work sometimes remain confused about the purpose of doing a thesis for their course. However, they need to perform it as part of their curriculum in order to attain an MBA degree. On the other hand, institutions have strong purposes behind introducing research work as part of their MBA degree courses.

Academic institutions want their MBA students to gain an in-depth experience of business and research methods. Their purpose of research paper or thesis writing is to make students research a specific business concept and present it in a standardized published form. While students perform research on a chosen topic, they gain skills related to research methodology, analysis, evaluation, integration, and communication and documentation. Conducting research and coming up with a thesis also helps students in displaying these skills in front of prospective employers when they go about finding jobs in relevant markets.

Conducting research helps MBA students in gaining an understanding of several business models and in experiencing to implement the same in their work. What they study theoretically is not sufficient to help them implement it. Performing research and preparing theses lets them apply the learnt theoretical concepts in a real-time situation. They have a real problem to study and a chance to come up with innovative contributory solutions to it. Thus, institutions make theses a way for students to develop the required business research skills. Even if some colleges or universities do not make research a part of their MBA curriculum, they find alternate methods to cover up for its needs.

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