The Right Approach to Writing an MBA Research Proposal

If you are developing an MBA research proposal, then it is very important to take an appropriate approach while writing it. There should be a proper plan when you create its outline. While your MBA research proposal should be clear and concise, it should also be timely planned. Here are some tips for creating an effective research proposal.

Make a clear plan

It is very important that your research proposal be approved by your committee members. Thus, you should make a clear plan before you start writing it. Make sure your proposal is convincing, concise and oriented toward your target readers. A well-planned proposal is always more effective.

Focus on critical aspects

You should also make sure that your MBA research proposal follows the recommended style guidelines and format for writing, as requested by your academic institution. You should clearly explain your research problem, hypothesis and research design while explaining the importance of your study. Make sure that your suggested topic is significant for research work. Further, you should explain the methodology briefly and also describe about possible research outcomes. Make sure that your writing does not exceed the given word limit. An effective description of such critical aspects will display your understanding of your proposed study. It will also show the way you would approach the whole thing.

Remain objective and accurate

Justify all aspects of your proposed study and present the facts accurately. Remember that you should always remain objective while writing a research proposal. It is also necessary to write your original ideas and thoughts. While you mention your study’s significance and likely contributions, you should also mention its limitations clearly. This will show your objective and fair approach while taking up the study. Thus, your writing should be brief yet comprehensive for your target readers.

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