Selecting a Suitable Topic for MBA Thesis

Studying MBA in a business school involves not only completing the course but also writing a thesis based on a comprehensive research. The first step for making your thesis effective is to look and choose the most interesting but comfortable topic. Finding a research topic for MBA thesis may be challenging because there are several options to choose. However, you can consider the following tips to get on to the road of your destination.

First, pick topic areas that you are either interested or know very well. Simply, do not choose a topic just because it is hit but not comfortable for you to write. You can take help from your professors to recommend some topic areas.

Second, consider your career objectives along with the plan of utilizing your MBA degree. It is wise to choose a topic that is associated with your career desires because it is most likely to make a positive impact on a probable employer. For example, if your goal is to become a financial manager, you can choose a topic related to financial market.

Third, read the resource materials in the topic areas that interest you. Get to know the research restrictions so that you can get the directions of your own thesis.


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