Know what are the trending research areas in Human Resource Management

Human Resource Management! A widen front to sail through, isn’t it?

A thesis on human resource management can comprehend a wide range of areas, from organizational behavior to performance management, from Appraisal management to training & development. We at MBA Thesis have often noticed candidates trapped with their research topic which is the most important attribute to cook up a perfect thesis.

Team MBA THESIS understands the glitches candidates face in selecting their research areas so we decided to conduct a discussion session with Prof. Bernard Aston, HoD (HR), University of Bologna and aspiring research candidates to ease out the topic pain.

As the discussion began, Dylan Hofer, University of Copenhagen, asked Prof. Aston to explain the scope of Human Resource Management.

He replied “Human Resources are unquestionably the key resources in an organization, the most difficult and the easiest to manage. It is not just limited to manage and optimally exploit human intellect, but also emphases on handling physical and emotional capital of employees. Considering the association involved, the scope of Human Resource Management is broadening with every passing day.”

He added “It covers Personnel Management, Employee Welfare, Employee Motivation, Jab Analysis and Design, Recruitment and Selection, Performance Appraisal and many more.”

Candidates were quite satisfied with Prof. Aston’s reply and the discussion went on further as Jayden Berger, University College Dublin requested Prof. Bernard to provide with an insight on trending research areas in Human Resource Management.

Prof. Bernard replied, “The main problem research candidates are facing is selecting a research area. He admits, HR incorporates an extensive variety of areas, and it is vital to start wide and then focus on precise subject area.”

He provided aspiring candidates with a table of trending research area along with corresponding topic suggestions.

The table is as below:

Research Areas Description Topic Ideas
Performance Management Under the umbrella of Human Resource, Performance Management is the trending area. It covers setting of performance objectives, measuring the outcomes, feedback of results, reward linked to the results and amendments to objectives and activities.

1.      Analyzing the effectiveness of Performance Management

2.      Analysis and synthesis of increased skills through Performance Management

3.      Reviewing and reacting on results and feedbacks

Training & Development The competition and skill development have forced organizations to conduct training and development programs for the employees.

1.      Surviving economic crisis causes from training and development.

2.      Impact of Training and development on the bottom line of an organization

3.      Reviewing organizational training and development policies.

Challenging Human Resource This is a compelling and powerful area in the Human Resource which focuses on the problems with HR. It focuses on management as the powerful tool to control the workforce but if it’s given in the wrong hand what would be the impact on organization and employee capital.

1.      Is the Human Resource Valued

2.      Analysis of HR function to drive the Change in Organization

3.      Optimization of workforce using control strategies

Motivation A motivated worker is a productive worker. The complex relationship between the employee and employer can be handled perfectly through the motivation

1.      Analyzing contemporary versus traditional theory

2.      Analysis of relationship between motivation and performance.

3.      Optimization of job satisfaction through Motivation

And Prof. Aston killed all the doubts candidates had regarding the research area and topic with this table.

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