How to select a strong topic for your MBA thesis?

Writing your MBA thesis is a challenging and demanding task for students in European Union. While most students are afraid about this milestone even before they begin, this is an opportunity for you to shine and showcase your talent to the world. Also, if you want to land that dream job, writing a strong and effective thesis will be extremely helpful in the long run.

The selection of topic is one of the foremost and most crucial steps in your thesis writing. If you get the topic right, you will sail smoothly in the completion of your thesis. However, if you go wrong in selecting the topic, throughout the journey of your thesis, you will keep regretting your choice and you will run away from completing your work on time.

For a good thesis to turn great, your topic must be powerful and catchy, along with being relevant to your industry. The following points will help you in choosing your thesis topic effectively:

Look for a unique topic

Choose a topic that hasn’t been done to death. Take a topic which will give you the opportunity to take a fresh perspective towards the field of research.

Wide scope for conducting research

If your topic does not have any scope for research, you will be paralysed while completing your research methodology and your thesis will fall short of authentic research. Plus, look for the benefit of the reader in a way that your research adds value to the industry.

Enough study material

Since you need to review literature and find sources to complete your thesis, your topic must have enough resources present. This will keep you motivated and you will always have lots of references during your thesis.

Interest level

Lastly, the topic must interest you and motivate you to pursue your thesis to the best of your capability.

Good luck!

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