How to Conserve Time out of Your MBA Thesis Writing

It is a tough task to handle and complete an MBA thesis successfully. There are multiple activities to do in a short time. Whether it is about conducting research or handling any other academic task, you may be able to relate well to this situation of time crunch. Thus, it can be quite relaxing if you may save some time out of your thesis writing or documentation part. Check out some tips on the way you may do this.

Decide the time period and deadlines

Working without goals only wastes your time and efforts. Thus, it is important that you set the time period within which you would complete writing your thesis. It is advisable that you save some spare time before submission deadlines so it can later be used to cover up something that is left during the process. Once you do this, set your deadlines for completing each chapter of your project. Make an estimate of the amount of required content and accordingly set these short-term deadlines.

Plan goals with your supervisor

As your supervisor would need to review all your written work, it is better that you plan your goals in advance with them. Based on chapter deadlines, you should set your chapter submission dates with your supervisor. However, it is necessary that you follow these goals stringently. If possible, set the feedback reception and meeting dates too.

Write in a relaxed manner

Avoid overstraining yourself with targets. Keep your goals and deadlines easy. If you set comfortable word limits, then you will be able to achieve more each day. You will also be motivated to write more than you actually decided to write. Thus, keep unrealistic goals away and write in a relaxed environment. Keep yourself free from stress and distractions. Take necessary breaks so you may feel more motivated to work faster.

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