CSR as a Tool for Building the Competitiveness of Businesses- How can you select an MBA research topic like this in 0€ AND 0.25 hours

  Why should you select an MBA research topic? To enhance your critical thinking skills, foster your creativity and get practical experience. Now, what do you have to do to select an MBA research topic? First, identify a knowledge gap and con..Read More

Deciding Between AMOS and SMART-PLS for Data Analysis: A Systematic Review of Features and Capabilities

By the way, I am stating the features and capabilities just to help you to understand the blog easily by getting the basics right. So, let’s get started but what will be the first question to answer? Well, obviously the features of both the sof..Read More

A Heartbreaking Story on a PhD on Homelessness

Below is a story that has been shared by a PhD scholar who has been doing research on homeless people.  When you are sent to an entirely new place it takes time to get acclimatised with new people and new culture. The same thing happened with..Read More

Why should you work on a review paper before selecting a topic for research?

Selecting a research topic is one of the most important aspects of a research journey. It forms the base of the entire research and dissertation/thesis. Choosing a topic requires expertise in the relevant field. The topic selected must be significant..Read More

How to choose a research topic for PhD

A doctoral candidate has to choose a topic out of the lot to begin with his research. The research is processed after the candidate chooses an interesting topic. Researching on a topic and writing a thesis on it is easier than choosing a topic to res..Read More

Case Study Research - A how to guide

Introduction The introduction to the manuscript makes the purpose,worth, and need for the research immediately clear; that is, it describes what is known about the topic under investigation ,why the study was necessary,what was intended to be acco..Read More
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