How to Appeal if You Fail Your PhD

You have got your PhD result, and you have got a fail grade. This is definitely heartrending. If you think that there has been some issues and examiner was unfair, you can appeal. You might think that sending off emails can help you communicate with ..Read More

The importance of terms and conditions

Academic support companies offer many services to their customers. The number of students who enrol themselves in MBA and other management courses is growing by the day. That is why there is so much demand for academic support firms. But it is vital ..Read More

Why an MBA requires to Complete Thesis

There are several global academic institutions that offer a master’s degree in business administration. While some of these institutions have no requirement of undergoing research work, many need students to perform thorough research and prepar..Read More

Research and the Value of References

When students embark on their MBA project, they are often required to read various books on the topic that they are dealing with. It is required of them that they should use these books as references when they are preparing their project. Universitie..Read More

How to Make Your Dissertation Plagiarism Free

Plagiarism or copying of contents that already exists is considered to be a big crime nowadays in the world of writing and publishing. And, if it is your dissertation paper, then you ought to be aware of the fact that a single mistake can spoil your ..Read More

The examiner tore apart the scholar’s thesis. How do you ensure it doesn’t happen to you?

It is a great feeling, the data is all in there and the analysis is completed. If you would look back into the past few years of your life, you would feel they have passed away in a blink. And now is the stage to submit your thesis and defend your vi..Read More
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