Identity of an Academic Writer: What Makes Him Apart From the Rest?

A doctoral programme involves producing knowledge. This is a phase that requires a transition from a student to an academic writer, one of the criteria that reviewers look for in your publication is your voice.  Now the question arises what is a ..Read More

Why should you work on a review paper before selecting a topic for research?

Selecting a research topic is one of the most important aspects of a research journey. It forms the base of the entire research and dissertation/thesis. Choosing a topic requires expertise in the relevant field. The topic selected must be significant ..Read More

Mistakes That Make You an Unemployed PhD

Several PhD scholars fail to get industry jobs after the completion of their PhD projects. Having spent years in research and thesis writing, you immediately realise that you should have worked hard in developing industrial-related skills instead of ..Read More

A Heartbreaking Story on a PhD on Homelessness

Below is a story that has been shared by a PhD scholar who has been doing research on homeless people.  When you are sent to an entirely new place it takes time to get acclimatised with new people and new culture. The same thing happened with ..Read More

How to Appeal if You Fail Your PhD

You have got your PhD result, and you have got a fail grade. This is definitely heartrending. If you think that there has been some issues and examiner was unfair, you can appeal. You might think that sending off emails can help you communicate with ..Read More

Proven Editing & Proofreading Hacks to Make Your Thesis a Perfect One

You might have put in all your efforts in penning down the most important piece of document, the thesis, of your academic career. There is no iota doubt that you worked hard to formulate the right idea for your reader. But if you haven't taken ti ..Read More

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