Case Study Research - A how to guide

Introduction The introduction to the manuscript makes the purpose,worth, and need for the research immediately clear; that is, it describes what is known about the topic under investigation ,why the study was necessary,what was intended to be acco ..Read More

Topic Selection services-Tips to select the Best Suitable Title for PhD

While opting to do Ph.D., people become very excited and full of enthusiasm but when it comes to selecting a topic for Ph.D., their thoughts start wavering. Choosing a perfect topic is not so simple, you have to check various factors before selecting ..Read More

The Right Approach to Writing an MBA Research Proposal

If you are developing an MBA research proposal, then it is very important to take an appropriate approach while writing it. There should be a proper plan when you create its outline. While your MBA research proposal should be clear and concise, it sh ..Read More

How to Make Your Dissertation Plagiarism Free

Plagiarism or copying of contents that already exists is considered to be a big crime nowadays in the world of writing and publishing. And, if it is your dissertation paper, then you ought to be aware of the fact that a single mistake can spoil your ..Read More

Management courses that entrepreneurs can look at

The Acton School of Business in Austin is no regular business college. It teaches people how to start and run a business, as it is dedicated towards creating competent and confident entrepreneurs. It is not the only one running such a customized cour ..Read More

Writing your Master’s Thesis : See how Sohpie completed it in 75 days

Writing of thesis is a very unique experience and it is very difficult to draw out a general rule on what is the best way to write  a  master’s thesis. There two basic structures that can be followed by masters students. Sophie as a m ..Read More

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