Research and the Value of References

When students embark on their MBA project, they are often required to read various books on the topic that they are dealing with. It is required of them that they should use these books as references when they are preparing their project. Universities that assign these projects often expect the students to correlate the works […]

Why an MBA requires to Complete Thesis

There are several global academic institutions that offer a master’s degree in business administration. While some of these institutions have no requirement of undergoing research work, many need students to perform thorough research and prepare a proper thesis. Students undergoing MBA research work sometimes remain confused about the purpose of doing a thesis for their […]

The importance of terms and conditions

Academic support companies offer many services to their customers. The number of students who enrol themselves in MBA and other management courses is growing by the day. That is why there is so much demand for academic support firms. But it is vital that students read the terms and conditions given on the website of […]

How to select the right topic for your thesis?

For most students, finding the right topic is the first and toughest step towards the thesis completion. Your topic will define the scope of your research and will be the gateway of your success in the future. Look for a topic that keeps you interested and one that is relevant to the field you have […]

Correct Approach to Writing an MBA Thesis

While pursuing a post-graduate program in Business Studies, students are expected to apply theoretical knowledge in practical situations; institutes attempt to affect such learning through course materials, examinations, case studies, thesis assignments and other assignments. Thesis is a type of research paper but has a different approach than PhD dissertations or journal papers, the expectation […]

Broaden Your Horizon

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Selecting a Suitable Topic for MBA Thesis

Studying MBA in a business school involves not only completing the course but also writing a thesis based on a comprehensive research. The first step for making your thesis effective is to look and choose the most interesting but comfortable topic. Finding a research topic for MBA thesis may be challenging because there are several […]